Were The World Mine
Hey! Kelly, 16, Jersey Girl.
All you need to know is that I'm fabulous and love things, and this blog is full of the things that I love. This is also where I pour out my heart my questions and my concerns, so if you care, you might even get to know me better than some of my closer friends, and please feel free to leave anything in my ask, I can guarantee it will make my day :)

yawn by simple tess on Flickr.
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297/365 (by Donald Butler)
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New love blog :) x
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as long as i am with you on Flickr.
Monday, 6:09 pm
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idk if you can read the sentence on the right page but its relevance is that a while ago my boyfriend texted me “goodnight, sweetheart” but sweetheart autocorrected to “stardust” and i thought that was really beautiful but anyway things have been really complicated lately so i ran away to the mountains to try to clear my head and it didn’t work but at least i made this while i was there and i’ve missed the mountains for a long time so 
Monday, 5:22 pm
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