Were The World Mine
Hey! Kelly, 16, Jersey Girl.
All you need to know is that I'm fabulous and love things, and this blog is full of the things that I love. This is also where I pour out my heart my questions and my concerns, so if you care, you might even get to know me better than some of my closer friends, and please feel free to leave anything in my ask, I can guarantee it will make my day :)

Anyone willing to come cuddle with me while i fall asleep? Extra credit if you kiss me and/or play with my hair


Toofielou by Ashley Michele. on Flickr.Please check out my Vintage Cats blog <3
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 by Noël Wells 
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I just spent 10 minutes cooing in the mirror about how cute i am
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Is it bad that i try to look my best when i know he’s going to see me? Not because i want him back but because i want him to realize what he missed out on.

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